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Feast of the Nektarios of Aegina, Metropolitan of Pentapolis in Egypt, the Wonderworker


On August 15 in the Holy Orthodox Church, we commemorate the venerable Dormition and

Translation of our supremely glorious Lady the Theotokos and Ever-virgin Mary.


Since thou drinkest the nectar of life eternal, thou gushest,

O Nektarios, streams of healings. On the ninth,

the soul of Nektarios was taken from his body.


Nektarios was born in Selyvria of Thrace on October 1, 1846. Because of his brilliance and holiness, Nektarios ascended in the Church of Alexandria from monk to metropolitan of Pentapolis in eastern Libya. His flock loved him. Nektarios’ swift ascent aroused the envy of lesser clergy and laity. In 1890, Patriarch Sophronios relieved the innocent Metropolitan Nektarios of his duties and commanded him to leave Egypt. He became a provincial preacher and teacher around Athens. Through his eloquent sermons his untiring labors to educate fitting men for the priesthood, his generous alms and deeds despite his own poverty, and the meekness and fatherly love that were manifest in him, Nektarios became a spiritual guide to many. In 1904, he began the building of Holy Trinity Convent on the island of Aegina. Nektarios spent the rest of his life there, and through his prayers delivered the island from drought, healed the sick, and cast out demons. The saint’s relics continue to work miracles since his entry into eternal life on this day in 1920. He was canonized in 1961. In 1998, Patriarch Petros VII and the Holy Synod of Alexandria begged the saint to forgive them and their predecessors.On this day, we also commemorate the Martyrs Onesiphoros and Porphyrios of Ephesus; Venerable Matrona of Constantinople; righteous mother Theoktista of Lesvos; Venerable Simeon the Translator (Metaphrastes); and Venerable Euthymios and Neophytos, founders of Docheiariou monastery on Athos.

By their intercessions, O Christ God, have mercy upon us. Amen.

Spiritual Nutrition

“Man is truly born, not when he is brought into the world by his mother, but when he comes to believe in the Resurrected Savior, Christ; for then he is born into immortality and eternal life, while the mother brings a child only into death, to the grave. The Resurrection of Christ is the mother of all of us, all of us Christians — the mother of all who are deathless. By his faith in the Resurrection of Christ, man is born anew, born into eternity..”

-St. Justin Popovich

“Man is worthy of being loved just because he’s in the image of God. It doesn’t matter at all if he’s good or bad, moral or sinful. Man is worthy of being loved for what he is. Christ loved and sacrificed Himself for sinful, corrupt people. ‘I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance’. We should be the same way: we should love everyone without making any distinctions. Just like the sun rises on everyone, intelligent and unintelligent, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, our love should be like the love of God – love that’s like the sun and shines on His whole creation without making distinctions”.

– St. Paisios the Athonite.


The meaning and purpose of baptism is for the child to be incorporated into the Body of Christ (the Church) by participating in the Lord’s death and resurrection. For those planning baptisms at St. Elias Cathedral, please check the requirements first.

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The Orthodox wedding service is not simply a social “contract” between the man and the woman.  Rather, it is a complete joining of the husband and wife together in Christ.  For those planning weddings at St. Elias Cathedral, there are requirements to be followed.

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